Why can’t you just get along with your brothers and sisters!

My thought for the day……
20120824-104600.jpgAfter having kids and now grandkids, I’ve noticed something they all have in common. They all pick on each other. Whether it’s with their words, an inconspicuous slap on the back of another’s head, or an all out assault to gain ownership of their “newly claimed” favorite toy, they constantly pick on one another. It escalates to the point where mom or dad eventually cries out, “Why can’t you just get along with your brothers and sisters!!!”

As Christians, sometimes we act the same way as kids. We pick on each other. And not just anyone, but our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Why? Well, that’s easy. It’s because they are not like us! Don’t they know that we are right? That we have all the answers? That all truth has been revealed to us? “Why can’t everyone see that and be like me?” Hmmmm, Houston, we have a problem…..

Folks, it’s time for change. It’s time for ALL OF US to grow up. We should be as adamant about using our words to encourage one another, as we are about correcting them, judging them, and showing them “the way.” In the Gospel of Mark, John said to Jesus, “Teacher, we saw someone using your name to cast out demons, but we told him to stop because he wasn’t in our group.” “Don’t stop him!” Jesus said. “No one who performs a miracle in my name will soon be able to speak evil of me. Anyone who is not against us is for us. (Mark 9:38-40 NLT)

Just because someone isn’t “part of our group” does not mean Jesus isn’t using them. If they are a believer then they are our brothers and sisters. Face it, we don’t ALL believe exactly the same. And we never will while living here on earth. But……we are a body; the body of Christ. Different people, yet one body. Different parts, yet all connected. When we believe in Jesus, we are all one body. Then it’s up to Jesus to put each part where they belong. In God’s master painting we are the “dots” but HE is the One who connects the dots.

20120824-104804.jpgIt’s time to stop identifying ourselves as a follower of Apollos or Paul, Prince or Copeland, Hagee or Osteen; or as a Baptist or Charismatic, Methodist or Catholic, Mega-Church goer or Country Church goer. No more Grace versus Law, Contemporary versus Traditional, or Hymns versus Choruses. We are ONE BODY. We are not choosing sides! There is only one side that matters, and that is to be inSIDE Jesus with Him inSIDE us. When we do this, we will all be on the SAME SIDE, pulling together in unity, while operating in the power that comes with it. Our confidence is IN HIM and HIM alone. Just be the part God has created YOU to be and let HIM do the correcting and the connecting. I don’t want God to feel the need to lean over and whisper to Jesus, “Why can’t they just get along with their brothers and sisters?”

Think about it.

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

4 thoughts on “Why can’t you just get along with your brothers and sisters!

  1. Excellent word, Kevin! Sometimes it appears the body of Christ works harder at “discussing” their differences than working together with one mission and one purpose. Thanks for sharing that today! It is right on!!! Love to you and Margie!

  2. Hi Kevin!

    Too Funny – I love the holy spirit, he loves to repeat things in our lives to make sure we “get it” ! If you were able to watch the recent lecture in the Beth Moore series – she just talked a LOT about this! Here’s my response to the Lord regarding this matter. The next time I see you, remind me to tell you the funny story of me and joseph’s ride to church today and what happened when we got there. God is so wonderful, I can’t even describe the “welling up” in my belly about him and what he is going to do. Such anticipation is enough to make me burst. I don’t know, and can’t even describe it. It’s too odd to be anything other than GOD.

    Dear Lord,

    I am going to do my best, with your help and guidance to discontinue judging another believers way of doing things. Although I may find doctrinal differences, I don’t always need to vocalize them directly to those I disagree with. I will let you handle it from here on out and just love them where they are at. Even if I believe they need to be corrected. I will just take it to you if I can’t convey my thoughts in your gracious love and without any shred of anger or pride. After all, they are brothers and sisters in Christ. They are sincere believers. I can’t possibly be so arrogant that I get mad when they don’t see things “my” way. You love them right where they are at, just as you love me. And I certainly don’t have it all together! This intense study of James has really revealed many of my shortcomings as a follower and I THANK YOU FOR THAT. Thank you for your loving grace through my growing spiritually!!! I just praise you and love you and adore you and I am so glad I HAVE you in my life.

    And Father, please reveal to me any changes I need to make in my own beliefs that DON’T line up with your Word. I thank you for the “process” and will walk in your peace and trust you for your wisdom to be planted in my heart and mind before I open my BIG mouth. I pray you understand how awesome I KNOW you are! I couldn’t walk this journey on the earth without you. YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING!

    Cuddly Daddy/Daughter Hugs and Adoration,

    Sabrina (the one in Pearland TX)

    P.S. In the name of Jesus, Heal Kevin would ya!!! I am tired of waiting for your glory to overtake his body. He sent us a video from his passed preaching and I almost forgot what he looked like prior to this attack that he is experiencing. I was tempted to cry, but I recalled something pastor told me years ago and I didn’t – “FAITH DOESN’T CRY”. So just do it and don’t keep me waiting, you answer all of my other prayers in such a speedy fashion. So why not this one? Just do it already! We have NO doubt you are able!!!! I sure would like to see at least 20 lbs on him as a hopeful sign that you are working the “process”. However, I do thank you for his steady ability to breath better than the rest of us smokers. We will praise you always – we all have so much to be thankful for.

    Oh yeah – and after today’s message at church – I am changing my confession regarding my smoking – you are my deliverer! I am human and just need to finish the 4 packs I have. LOL Help me when I get pissy would ya? I am going to create a plan to deal with those feelings and trust you will provide and escape for every temptation! I am tired of just having “vacations” from my cigarette smoking. I need you to deliver me from it. Obviously after all the times I have stopped and started on my own, you KNOW I can’t do it in my own power. I am determined not to be double minded about it and trust what your word says about these matters. I love you! You have told me over and over that I can’t get to your “plan for my life” until I let them go – so I am thanking you in advance for showing up! I am believing for the clear sign you are there to comfort me. And my confession will STAY positive.

    I love you Kevin (and Margie) Kinchen – you have been such an important part of my life!

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