Oh, To Be Like My Dog


Our dog, Bentley, loves me. When I come up to my office he follows me. In fact, he is asleep right now just inches away from me. Why does he follow me? It’s very simple……


…….it’s because he KNOWS that I will ALWAYS share whatever I have with him! And you know, he’s right. Even when I tell him “no” my hand ends up giving in to his cute little annoying self.


I think we can ALL take a lesson from Bentley. No, not to be annoying, but to follow our Master everywhere He goes. Follow Him with the utmost trust that He shares all that He has with us. And we follow Him knowing we aren’t perfect, knowing we leave “messes” to clean up, even knowing we are sometimes annoying. Yet we follow Him…..because He loves us. He can’t help Himself. He sees beyond our “mess” and just flat-out loves us. Love gives. Love shares. Love is unconditional. Wow, have we got it made or what???

Follow and love on Jesus today because HE loved us first!

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

PS – Pray for me…getting that tube “pulled” (ooooouuuuch!) out this afternoon from the surgery. Kidney stone and all its remains will finally be gone, and NO MORE EVER AGAIN! Thanks!

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