The Stone Has Been Rolled Away!

FINALLY……the kidney stone has been removed! The surgery went well. The doctors used a laser and who knows what else to remove the stone. I still have some kind of “tubing” inside that will be removed next week, but i feel soooooo much better. AND…….more good news, my voice is starting to come back! Woo Hoo!

Thank you sooooooo much for all your prayers! Please agree with us that I will be “stone-free” from now on. Enough is enough, I am healed, healthy, and whole in Jesus’ name! And so are YOU!!!

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

One thought on “The Stone Has Been Rolled Away!

  1. So glad that is over for you. We agree, in the Name Of Jesus, no more stones. We also command that satan leave you alone, that you voice would return stronger and clearer than ever before. We also declare in the Name of Jesus that satan will not ever attempt to take your ministry, which God has given you away from you. AMEN!!!! Glory be to God!!!!

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