A Personal Prayer Request


If you are familiar with me you know it’s rare that I ask for prayer. But, I’m asking today. After preaching 3 services on Sunday, I lost my voice. As I am writing this on Tuesday evening, I still have no voice. I went to the doctor today about this 5mm kidney stone I have been trying to pass for months. My doctor wants to “go in and remove it” on Friday via surgery. No incision, just a simple little ROTO-ROOTER! I would be knocked out but still…..not my idea of a great time. Concerned about my voice, he sent me to a throat specialist. Tomorrow they will send fibre optics through my nose to view my vocal chords. They will determine if it’s laryngitis or damaged chords. Again, not my idea of fun.

Please agree in prayer with Margie and me for perfect vocal chords, for my voice to return stronger than ever, and for me to pass this stone BEFORE Friday so no surgery is necessary. We trust God, we believe in prayer, and we know the power of agreement. And of course we believe “NOTHING is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)

Thank you soooooooo much!

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

13 Comments Add yours

  1. cherry tijerina says:

    You got Pastor Kevin…. we lovvved your message on Sunday. And true to form you cracked me up, we love your sense of humor.

  2. tamm8 says:

    The Borin Family as a whole is agreeing with you all.

  3. Randy Dunkerson says:

    The Dunkerson family will pray for you tonight.

  4. Lisa Bowling says:

    In agreement! God is faithful! Love you like crazy!!!

  5. Tony C. says:

    So I’m looking through Austin’s Facepaint and I see your request. Love You Paster Kevin. I’ll say many a prayers for you! God can do it all! Taje care! Tony Ceccacci.

  6. The Shaws says:

    In our weakness,we are made strong!!!!
    Billy and Lela

  7. Mark says:

    Lord please help Kevin pass the kidney stone and heal his vocal chords in Jesus name.Amen

  8. Karla Drennan says:

    Agreeing with you about this Kevin, In Jesus Name Amen!

  9. Tasha J Banki says:

    Praying for your physical healing and peace of mind in Jesus Name! While waiting, rest! Amen

  10. Agreeing and rejoicing that according to the word you are healed.

  11. Ken & Laura Ferguson says:

    We are in complete agreement for total healing of your body! Ferguson Family

  12. Lord I Lift Kevin up to Your throne room and I ask for you to touch his body , breathe Your breath into him and make him whole, nothing broken and nothing missing. I thank You for manifesting the healing in him now in Jesus name. I command the Light in Kevin to stand tall and to shine bright. We know the Your Light in him will dispell all darkness. sickness is nothing but darkness so it has to go in Jesus name. Lord we ask for an undeniable miracle in Kevin now, one that will stun even the doctors. That will bring glory only unto You Lord. Thank You Jehovah Rapha, the God that heals. We give you praise for everthing that Jesus already did for Kevins healing. Lord thank you that You are the only surgeon Kevins needs and that You are his voice, as one crying in the wilderness to prepare the way. in Jesus name amen.

  13. Jarika doty says:

    You are in mine & trentons prayers!!

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