Urgent Prayer Request

(I typed this up late last night)

Hey everyone,

Margie and I are at the Houston Medical Center for a cousin of hers. Tassie, is very close to our family and needs our prayers. Earlier today she had an aneurism in her brain rupture. During emergency surgery to install a stint they had to deal with a large blood clot that posed an even greater problem. The surgeon just told us they were able to remove the clot and the aneurism successfully. She is currently in a coma and they are playing the “wait and see” thing for now.

God has already saved her life miraculously but we still need to pray for a quick and complete recovery. Please pray for her two teenage children as well. Tassie is a hair stylist and needs her total health. Not to mention the call of God on her life.


Thanks for your prayers! If you have time, email me your thoughts and prayers so I can print them out to show her when she wakes up. Thanks again!

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

5 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request

  1. Margie, So sorry to hear about your cousin’s attack. I received the info thru my connection with Marion Anderson.
    Tassie, my declaration of faith before the Lord and against Satan, the enemy of your soul, who comes to steal, kill and to destroy that he is defeated by the power of the Blood and the Name of Jesus! John 10:10 Amp.
    We are also decreeing another Word in your behalf, “No weapon formed against you will prosper. And every tongue that rises up against you falsely, shall be shown to be in the wrong!”
    Also, we boldly declare that you will live and not die and declare the glorious works of the Lord!”
    “Fear not, believe ONLY and you shall be made whole.” Nothing missing, Nothing broken. Completely restored, in Jesus Name…
    Rise and be healed Tassie in the Name of Jesus…it was for you He died…
    We are standing with all of you who are standing in faith putting all your trust in Jesus to accomplish His Word that has been sent forth . He watches over His Word to perform it!
    All Glory and Honor to our King!
    Gratefully His, With heart-felt prayer
    The Berry Family

  2. Tassie,

    I bless you in Jesus’s name. May you be of sound mind and body. May God face shine upon you and give you life and life more abundantly. In Jesus’ name. Praise to Jesus!

    -Mike & Michelle Arita

  3. Our God is greater, our God is stronger, our God has power, our God awesome, our God. Father God please give this child of yours your tender loving mercy and wake her up from a sweet dream with no harm to her as if she were waking up ready to go on with her life. In Jesus name we pray.

    In him,

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