Special Prayer Needed Again For The Malloys

Please pray for our good friends and missionaries in Jos, Nigeria, Tim and Kelly Malloy….they need us all to be covering them in our prayers. Thanks!


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for us over the past few weeks. I want to make this e-mail brief because it is important to us that you read the entire letter.

– Nigeria’s own terrorist organization, Boko Haram (translation “western education is evil”), has set their sites on our city of Jos

– In the past two weeks, 2 prominent churches have been bombed by suicide bombers during Sunday morning worship, killing dozens

– Our mission headquarters as well as our children’s’ school are known targets for future bombings

– Hillcrest School has suspended classes for the elementary and middle schools, with an altered school day under very heightened security for the high schoolers. (I know it sounds strange that we are sending Colin and Schyler but not Cassidy to school, but we have reasons to feel at peace about this decision for now.)

– Everyday this week, violence has erupted in the city, as people are VERY edgy and short-fused. The hatred and division between Muslims and Christians is intensified, with retribution killings occurring as mobs quickly form in high-risk areas of the city.

– In the neighborhood of my clinic at Gidan Bege on Tuesday, the military dispersed a growing mob with tear gas that affected an area of 8 or so city blocks. Only one of my Muslim women dared to come to clinic on Wednesday.

– Yesterday, a police helicopter that regularly patrols the city crashed a few miles from our home killing the 3 officers inside.

– The Lutheran Mission has been evacuated, and several SIM families have been moved to safer areas of town.


You may be asking yourselves “WHAT ON EARTH are the Malloy’s still doing in Jos?!?” Well, every time we hear gunfire or an explosion, we ask ourselves the same question! Every year since 2008, our children’s education has been somehow disrupted by crisis in the city. To be honest, our entire community is just praying that we can make it through the school year. That is the goal. We are not due for a furlough this year, but we prayed earnestly for the Lord to give us permission to leave Jos for the summer. We all felt as if this was the wisest course of action for our family in this climate, even though this is a step of faith from a financial standpoint. We will return to Texas at the end of May, and Colin and Schyler have been so blessed to be given to opportunity to work as summer staff at Camp Tejas, something they have always wanted to do! Here is how we need your prayers right now:

– Tim serves on the Security Committee for SIM, all of whom are overwhelmed with responsibility right now. Please pray for wisdom for all of these guys.

– Pray for protection and peace for our children, and for the angels of the Lord to encamp around Hillcrest School.

– Miraculously, our musical is still scheduled for the weekend of April 19th. (“The show must go on?” The administration feels that the production provides a structure of normalcy for the students and a gift to the community.) However, my co-director of music, as well as two of the cast members, are among the Lutherans being evacuated. Therefore, my responsibilities as director have just multiplied greatly!

– Pray that the Christians within Jos will not retaliate against the bombings in ways that are not pleasing to God.

– Praise the Lord for his Word which comforts and strengthens us everyday. We are very much in need of His direction for the future, although we are trying to take things one day at a time.

Again, thank you SO MUCH for your continued, fervent prayers for us! We love you and love to hear from you!

Kelly for the Malloy’s


The Lord your God is with you! He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you. He will quiet you with His love. He will rejoice over you with singing! Zephania 3:17




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