An Update About Tim and Kelly

I received this from Kelly this morning. Keep praying!

Dear Friends,

We want to thank you all SO much for praying for our family and our city yesterday! Let me tell you how the Lord has answered you prayers so far:

· Historically, when there is a violent incident in Jos, the opposing camp (Muslim or Christian) is very quick to retaliate with extreme force. This time, some “Christian” youth burned down some Muslim businesses, but it was a relatively small attempt at retaliation.

· Recently, Boko Haram’s modus operandi has been to serially bomb strategic locations within a short amount of time. For this reason, we were anticipating that there may have been suicide bombers at various churches around the city. We were so relieved that only one bomb was detonated.

· The city, both Nigerians and missionaries, seem to be handling the bombing in stride. People are tired of violence and exhausted with Boko Haram’s antics. Perhaps this is why no one is retaliating?

The church that was bombed was among the largest churches in our city, and was right in the middle of a residential area. Many of the windows of the houses in the area were blown out, and the blast was heard from MANY miles away. The church was already packed with worshippers, and yet – only a small handful of people were killed. (You know that I am not minimizing their deaths, but I am maximizing the Lord’s protection!) It is an INCREDIBLE MIRACLE that this enormous car bomb did not decimate the entire area! God is so good!

Our church held a previously scheduled worship night last night, which took on a fresh meaning as we grieved the loss of peace in our city (again.) We were very conscious of the truth that true worship pushes back the darkness, as the Name of Jesus is exalted. Please continue to exalt the Lord with us as you pray for Jos. Much love, Kelly for the Malloys

An article about the bombing:

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