4 thoughts on “VideoQuip – This Is Worth Watching

  1. How True and Eye Opening,
    It just goes to show you how our people have been brain-washed into believing a lie, never ever comparing what we are doing to what Hitler did to the Jews. What a comparison, even I didn’t look at it like this before
    although I have always known that abortions are murder, no matter what. We can change this, ;and we should, because 2Chronicles 7:14 tells us to repent, or to turn away, in this case from murdering babies.
    When I was a baby, in 1953, in America we had orphanages for the unwanted, not abortion clinics, and we could and should go back to that, and let these unwanted babies to be adopted, instead of murdered.
    I pray for an awakening in America, and the World, in this area, to quit murdering babies, immediately.

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