God’s Perfect Timing

Short and sweet today, but powerful!

We have a sign/picture hanging in our living room that says, “FAITH IN GOD INCLUDES FAITH IN HIS TIMING.” As I saw it today, it pretty much jumped off the wall at me. I know it will be the same for many of you. Read it again and think about it. Let it sink in and produce PEACE in your heart today!


In Him,

2 thoughts on “God’s Perfect Timing

  1. Excellent …. recently heard a quote that seems complimentary to it… “If you want the peace that passes understanding – you must give up your right to understand. “

  2. You are so right Kevin,
    sometimes when God, gives us a dream or vision we want it to come to pass right away, but only God knows the right time, I have learned alot all these years that I have been waiting on the Lord.I also want to take this time to let you know that your are such an awesome man. and that we all love you at Living Stones Church, thank you soooo much for praying for me and being there for me,
    Sarah Larson

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