WHO Are You?

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. Christianity. Being a real Christian. How do YOU see yourself in the scope of Christianity? Is being a Christian WHO YOU ARE or is it WHAT YOU DO? There is a big difference. In today’s society many people DO Christianity, it’s a sideline for them. When a person sidelines in Christianity there isn’t much commitment. When things become uncomfortable to them they back away and retreat to their comfort zones…even finding Scripture to justify their actions. Unfortunately, this weak resolve produces weak results.

When we realize that Christianity, that being a Christian, is WHO WE ARE not just what we do, everything changes. When we surrender to the fact that a Christian belongs to Christ, and is no longer in charge, we become fearless and fruitful. There is something about a true Christian believer, who does something as a result of who they belong to, that makes them stand out from the crowd. Paul emanates this in Acts 20:24 as he is told by the Holy Spirit that trouble and imprisonment awaits him. (GW) “But I don’t place any value on my own life. I want to finish the race I’m running. I want to carry out the mission I received from the Lord Jesus-the mission of testifying to the Good News of God’s kindness.”

This video of the Spartan life captures the message I am trying to share today. They were warriors. It’s who they were. It was not what they did. It was this way of life that separated them from the rest. Their passion, which was an extension of who they were, gave them victory….even when victory was unlikely. Watch this and ask yourself, “WHAT IS MY PROFESSION?” I hope you are a Christian…first. Let everything else spring up from WHO YOU ARE…

In Him,
Pastor Kevin

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