Heading To Missouri For Youth Camp

Welcome to The E-quip Devotion….sorry I haven’t been able to get much to you lately. We have been on the road preaching and getting the book out. There are awesome things happening that I will share later. In a few minutes we will not have Internet or 3g service due to “the back woods of Missouri” where we are heading for a youth camp. I just wanted to ask for your prayers for this 4 day camp and let you know where we will be this Sunday. You E-quipers are our family so I thought I would check-in. I am preaching and signing books this Sunday morning (July 10) at THE GATHERING in Oklahoma City, OK. (www.TheGathering.tv) Hope to see YOU there!

REMEMBER…to celebrate our FREEdom in America, I am offering FREE SHIPPING FOR 4 MORE DAYS to anyone who buys our book, The Secret Place, Revealed! (Free shipping in the USA for 1-5 books.) BUY YOURS HERE: http://www.pastorkevin.com

Thanks for your prayers! Oh, in case I forgot to tell you, the ALS clinic on Friday was thrilled that my breathing was THE BEST it’s ever been! They are not sure of the scores because I PEGGED OUT THE METERS AS FAR AS THEY CAN GO!!! So, it was at least 120 percent of a healthy person’s breathing. They said it has to be because of all the prayers. All the glory goes to God! My hands, arms, and tongue are next!!!

In Him,

Pastor Kevin

3 thoughts on “Heading To Missouri For Youth Camp

  1. Kevin and Margie,

    Our prayers are with the both of you! Thanks so much for the book! We are enjoying reading it and loving every minute of it! Amazing stories that we can relate to.

    Please let us know when you are back in town so we can have this dinner together that Scot has told me about and also when you are at a Church so we can hear God’s word through you.

    Also that is AWESOME news about your test results. We are so happy for you! Glory be to God now and forever.

    With all our love and prayers,

    Stef/Scot Maust

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