Update From The Other Side Of The World – Part 1

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion…from somewhere in the Middle East. Sorry I cannot tell you where we are, but for the safety of these young Iranian pastors we are training, we must keep it a secret. I do wish every one of you could be here to experience what we are experiencing. The love, the passion, the committment, and the zeal these people have for Jesus and for people is amazing and most desireable.

Let me be blunt…Christians overall in America are spoiled, especially when it comes to church. When is the last time you were filled with passion, excitement, zeal, and faith…just to go to church on Sunday? People in Iran DREAM about the thought of meeting together publicly to worship God without the fear of being arrested, harmed, or even killed. Sad to say, many of us who live in a country that promotes freedom, we won’t go to church unless; our favorite speaker is doing the service, or our friends are going, or we have nothing better to do. In Iran it’s a DREAM, in America it’s a RE-RUN, and most people don’t like re-runs. Harsh but true.

I pray that ALL OF US will get so close to God that we realize what we have IN HIM. I pray we don’t take what we have for granted. I pray we find an intense renewal of our faith, our belief, and our committment to our Lord. I also pray we will commmit to taking what God has graciously blessed us with, and share it with the world in any way we can. Renew that “first love” you once had for God. And remeber, if you feel distant from God, it’s NOT Him that moved away. He is still on the throne…it’s US that distance ourselves from HIM. Make the choice to move back home and take your place “seated with Him in heavenly places.” (Ephesians 2:6)

More later…

Changed Forever,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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