Jesus Is All About The Whosoevers

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. Wow! Such a terrific response at the book signing yesterday at Living Stones Church. Thanks to all of you who were there and I pray the book, The Secret Place, Revealed, will bless you like crazy. For those who haven’t ordered yours yet, you can get it on our website at All of the profits that we make with the book go right back into this ministry. Click HERE for a detailed outline of our vision, but in a nutshell, it is to “preach, publish, and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, around the clock.” Thanks for your prayers!

I love it when God gives you exactly what you need at the exact moment you need it. He did that for me a few minutes ago. I have been reading and preaching from the Book of Acts. For some reason (which I am sure is the Holy Spirit) things have been popping out that I never noticed before. Well, we leave in a few days to go to the Middle East/Europe to train up newly converted Muslims who will then evangelize their nations. Many of these people are seen as un-savable from the Western world. Jesus sees it differently. It’s not His will that “any” perish. (2 Pet. 3:9) No matter what faith, what religion, what race, or what anything, Jesus is all about getting the WHOSOVERS to follow Him, right? Right.

Read all of Acts chapter 10 about how God takes Peter, a Jewish man, and sends him to the house of Cornelius, a Gentile, to preach the good news of Jesus. I guess someone forgot to tell God that the Jews were forbidden to associate with the Gentiles. Oh well, He showed up anyway and baptized ALL OF THEM in the Holy Ghost “while” Peter was preaching. And they even spoke in tongues! “Oh no! What if someone gets offended by seeing all this?” Hmmm, it’s not the Holy Ghost that offends people, it’s people that offend people…but that’s a whole different devotion. My point is, God directed, man obeyed, God moved, and many were saved…regardless of who or what they were. I like that a lot!

So, after reading all about Peter and Cornelius, I believe the same will happen where we are going, and then it will happen after we “send THEM to go.” We will experience that same supernatural God doing the same miraculous things He is known for. God will direct, man will obey, God will move, and many…even nations will be saved! Thanks for agreeing with us!

And by the way, God will do the same thing both TO and THROUGH…YOU! Just let Him direct and you obey, then watch what HE will do! Exciting times, don’t miss it!!!

P.S – For a good laugh, check out what I posted on YouTube this weekend. It’s me preaching in 1996 and I titled it, The Day The Preacher Cussed. Enjoy!

The Secret Place Revealed

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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3 thoughts on “Jesus Is All About The Whosoevers

  1. It is really awesome to see u speaking about this. Our church this Sunday had the exact message about the whosoevers. We r in acts as well right now and Pastor Ron spoke on how God wants the whosoevers to come to Christ no matter the back ground. God does not play favs, he loves all his children and wants to see them all live forever with him in his kingdom. It is so Great to see God working the same way all over. God Bless u pastor Kevin, and we will b praying for u while u r over seas.

  2. Pastor Kevin I have heard you speak at Life Communtiy Church in LaPorte several times and I always enjoy you. I just watched the video of you accident and went through a piles of kleenex. It reminded me so much of my brother, he was hit by a car at age 7 thrown 98 feet and in a coma for 28 days then woke up.
    He has no injures left and he had a fractured skull. I have seen so many miracles like this when I worked in an emergency room. I just feel like God is just out of my reach. I have so much bodily pain it over takes my thinking but I refuse for it to take me down. After seeing what you lived through and what you are going through now and still preach the word so passionately I know I will get there. I am 56 years old and a baby christian. I started attending LCC in October last year. God is in that place. I just have to learn how to bring back to my But seriously I ordered two of your books, one for me one for my husband to take back overseas. He is working out of the country. If it is what I feel it is I have 12 living brothers and sisters that may get it for Christmas. I regift my christian books. I keep them until I meet someone going through something I think the book will touch on to help them then I give them away and ask that they do the same. The word does no one any good on a shelf gathering dust. I pray healing devine healing , but if notI am going to trust I will feel nothing bad on the outside this earth is just a jumping off place. Hugs, look forward to your next visit as always I will be on the front row! We have great things coming to the church in the next couple of weeks you may not recognize it!

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