Does Size Really Matter?

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Are there different levels of impossible? Is walking on water harder than splitting the Red Sea in half? Is raising the dead such as Jesus did with Lazarus more difficult than a leper being healed AND restored to complete health? Of course not. Impossible means impossible, period. No levels, no difference. What’s my point? I think we tend to see our own problems as REALLY impossible, not just REGULAR impossible. For some reason when it’s personal, it’s bigger. This outlook will shipwreck our faith where we are focusing on the size of our problem more than we are the size of our God.

In Luke 1:37 an angel tells Mary, a single teenager at the time whose fiance’ was Joseph, that she would give birth to the Messiah. She was a virgin. Hmmmm, a teenage virgin would be the one giving birth to Jesus Christ, THE Jesus Christ. Seeing the puzzled look on this now worrisome teenager, the angel says, “NOTHING is impossible with God.” Do you know what this teenagers response was to the angel concerning this REALLY impossible situation? Mary said,  “I am the Lord’s servant. Let everything you’ve said happen to me.” Wow! No back-talk, no rebuttal, no arguing, no running in fear, just good ol’ faith, trust, and belief that GOD IS ABLE TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE, EVEN THE REALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Let’s all join Mary today as we first realize WHO WE ARE. We are servant’s of the Lord. And then let’s say, “Let everything You (God) have said (in the Word of God) happen to me.” Declare the size of God today instead of the size of your problems, even the impossible ones. Declare the promises in the Word of God and believe that HE is the GOD of the impossible…even the really impossible! After all, for the believer, size doesn’t matter at all when it comes to the impossible. Amen!


The Secret Place Revealed

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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One thought on “Does Size Really Matter?

  1. Wow! That’s awesome. Sometimes I think it’s less about the size of the problem for me. I can believe nothing’s impossible with God. Sometimes it’s harder to believe God is WILLING or ABLE to get past me — my failures, my attitude, my “badness”. Crazy huh? Thanks for reminding that even my shortcomings are not a big enough obstacle to stop the power and the love of my Father!

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