The Book Is Coming! BUY YOURS NOW…

Good morning and welcome to a “special” edition of The E-quip Devotion! OK, you have been waiting for this…I have 1,820 books of THE SECRET PLACE, REVEALED that are on their way via UPS Freight!!! They will arrive no later than Thursday of next week, (June 9) of course, the Lord willing. (I’ve learned to say that a lot lately.) Sooooo, that means you can start placing your orders NOW! Go to or to and follow the link to make your purchase. The minute the books arrive we are already prepared to ship them out via USPS Priority Mail. They will arrive to you in only 2-3 days after we ship them. (Shipping is only $5.00 for 1-3 books; 10 for 4-6 books; and 15 for 7-15 books.) The price for the “224 page, hardcover book, with 8 color photo pages is only $19.95. Such a deal! The INFORMATION INSIDE the book…PRICELESS! I am seeing great reviews from pastors and others, and I give God ALL the glory!

Thank YOU for all your prayers and your support for this HUMONGOUS project! Because of the book’s message, which is: intimacy with God, having a REALationship with Him, and the created getting alone with the Creator, we believe it will impact generations! God’s original desire for mankind has always been that we  KNOW HIM. More than ever, we all need to move from knowing ABOUT God, to KNOWING Him. It IS possible…and I pray it that you experience it…beginning now, lasting forever!


The Secret Place Revealed

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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Current E-quip Devotion Do You OVER-REACT…To What Is Not Even REAL?

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