New passion, fire, resolve, and respect.

Good afternoon and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. A quick message for you. We made it home from the Middle East with new passion, new fire, new resolve, and new respect. NEW PASSION for the persecuted church around the world, for the Body of Christ, and for Jesus. NEW FIRE for time in the secret place, the anointing, serving others, and witnessing. NEW RESOLVE to never give up or quit, to inform and involve more Christians concerning World Evangelism, to pray Christians find their place and “occupy till’ He comes,” and to see an end to whining and complaining when we have it so good. And finally, NEW RESPECT for the persecuted in Iran and the rest of the world, for those who have given their lives for the Gospel, and for those who risk their lives daily for being a Christian.

My book on a bookshelf in Turkey!

The hunger and the zeal the Iranian Christians have for the Word of God, worship, prayer, and to know Jesus is unmatched by any other group of believers I have met. We went to teach and train leaders and pastors and ended up being “schooled” by their examples. No words can describe what we were able to witness. I will make attempts in future devotions as I can. The video below is from The Voice of the Martyrs Organization. It will give you a snapshot view of what it’s like to live as a Christian in Iran. The GOOD NEWS is…because of the persecution, the Christian faith is thriving and growing. In Acts chapter 8, right after Stephen had been martyred, it says…

“And Saul was there, giving approval to his death. On that day a great persecution broke out against the church at Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria. Godly men buried Stephen and mourned deeply for him. But Saul began to destroy the church. Going from house to house, he dragged off men and women and put them in prison. Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.” (Acts 8:1-4 NIV)

Don’t wait for persecution, preach the Word everywhere you go!

The Secret Place Revealed

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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Around The World With Kevin & Margie – Pt. 2

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. When you combine world-wide speakers, such as Tommy Tenney and Marilyn Hickey (and me too), with a hungry, zealous, sold out group of young Iranian pastors and leaders…you end up with a changed nation! Right now they are learning about faith and miracles. They “get it!” Faith pleases God! This is what we are hearing….

There is a process to most miracles. They are not always instant. We have to learn to believe even when we don’t see instant results. God is faithful and we must TRUST Him regardless of what we see or feel. Learn to worship God even when we don’t “feel” like it. Believe and believe BIG. God is a BIG GOD and He loves BIG FAITH! Do not allow the size of your miracle to outshine the Greatness of God. And never allow a symptom or a circumstance to distract you from the truth. The TRUTH is, “NOTHING is impossible with God!” (Luke 1:37)

Marilyn Hickey is 82 years old and asking God to “give her a bigger mountain” to conquer! I love that! Folks, the ONLY limitation God has are the limitations WE place on Him by not believing. Mark 5:36 says, “Fear not, ONLY believe!” Look for your miracle and not your problem!

More to come…stay tuned! Oh, by the way, I sucommed to the fact that Twitter can help get the Gospel around the world, so follow me @TheNetRev.

Changed even more,
Pastor Kevin
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Update From The Other Side Of The World – Part 1

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion…from somewhere in the Middle East. Sorry I cannot tell you where we are, but for the safety of these young Iranian pastors we are training, we must keep it a secret. I do wish every one of you could be here to experience what we are experiencing. The love, the passion, the committment, and the zeal these people have for Jesus and for people is amazing and most desireable.

Let me be blunt…Christians overall in America are spoiled, especially when it comes to church. When is the last time you were filled with passion, excitement, zeal, and faith…just to go to church on Sunday? People in Iran DREAM about the thought of meeting together publicly to worship God without the fear of being arrested, harmed, or even killed. Sad to say, many of us who live in a country that promotes freedom, we won’t go to church unless; our favorite speaker is doing the service, or our friends are going, or we have nothing better to do. In Iran it’s a DREAM, in America it’s a RE-RUN, and most people don’t like re-runs. Harsh but true.

I pray that ALL OF US will get so close to God that we realize what we have IN HIM. I pray we don’t take what we have for granted. I pray we find an intense renewal of our faith, our belief, and our committment to our Lord. I also pray we will commmit to taking what God has graciously blessed us with, and share it with the world in any way we can. Renew that “first love” you once had for God. And remeber, if you feel distant from God, it’s NOT Him that moved away. He is still on the throne…it’s US that distance ourselves from HIM. Make the choice to move back home and take your place “seated with Him in heavenly places.” (Ephesians 2:6)

More later…

Changed Forever,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

Around The World With Kevin & Margie

Welcome to the specal International Weekend Edition of The E-quip Devotion! I only have time to post this short video update from our undisclosed location in a Muslim nation. We are training up leaders and pastors who will then take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their own nations. God is soooooooooooo good! Our Jesus is alive and He is covering the earth with His Word and His glory! I wish all of you could be here to “catch” the vision of an end-time harvest of Biblical portions. For now enjoy this quick update. Thanks for your prayers for these meetings!!! Remember, TOGETHER WE WIN!

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In Him,

Pastor Kevin

Jesus Is All About The Whosoevers

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. Wow! Such a terrific response at the book signing yesterday at Living Stones Church. Thanks to all of you who were there and I pray the book, The Secret Place, Revealed, will bless you like crazy. For those who haven’t ordered yours yet, you can get it on our website at All of the profits that we make with the book go right back into this ministry. Click HERE for a detailed outline of our vision, but in a nutshell, it is to “preach, publish, and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, around the clock.” Thanks for your prayers!

I love it when God gives you exactly what you need at the exact moment you need it. He did that for me a few minutes ago. I have been reading and preaching from the Book of Acts. For some reason (which I am sure is the Holy Spirit) things have been popping out that I never noticed before. Well, we leave in a few days to go to the Middle East/Europe to train up newly converted Muslims who will then evangelize their nations. Many of these people are seen as un-savable from the Western world. Jesus sees it differently. It’s not His will that “any” perish. (2 Pet. 3:9) No matter what faith, what religion, what race, or what anything, Jesus is all about getting the WHOSOVERS to follow Him, right? Right.

Read all of Acts chapter 10 about how God takes Peter, a Jewish man, and sends him to the house of Cornelius, a Gentile, to preach the good news of Jesus. I guess someone forgot to tell God that the Jews were forbidden to associate with the Gentiles. Oh well, He showed up anyway and baptized ALL OF THEM in the Holy Ghost “while” Peter was preaching. And they even spoke in tongues! “Oh no! What if someone gets offended by seeing all this?” Hmmm, it’s not the Holy Ghost that offends people, it’s people that offend people…but that’s a whole different devotion. My point is, God directed, man obeyed, God moved, and many were saved…regardless of who or what they were. I like that a lot!

So, after reading all about Peter and Cornelius, I believe the same will happen where we are going, and then it will happen after we “send THEM to go.” We will experience that same supernatural God doing the same miraculous things He is known for. God will direct, man will obey, God will move, and many…even nations will be saved! Thanks for agreeing with us!

And by the way, God will do the same thing both TO and THROUGH…YOU! Just let Him direct and you obey, then watch what HE will do! Exciting times, don’t miss it!!!

P.S – For a good laugh, check out what I posted on YouTube this weekend. It’s me preaching in 1996 and I titled it, The Day The Preacher Cussed. Enjoy!

The Secret Place Revealed

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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