Are You Distracted?

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. As Christians, we must believe that we are here on earth for a divine purpose. It’s a divine purpose that God Himself has put into place. He equips, empowers, anoints, and provides everything we need to fulfill that purpose. That’s what a good Father does. Some choose to follow God’s plan while others run from it. Of course, the only reason to run from a good plan that’s designed by a good God is fear; fear that “we” cannot do what God has planned. Here’s the deal. NONE OF US can do it…on our own! That’s why we need Jesus! And that’s why HE gets all the glory.

Too often we allow “things” and “circumstances” and “feelings” to distract us from our purpose. When we allow these distractions to sidetrack us we end up wasting a whole bunch of energy, time, and emotion. But, the main thing that happens is it affects all the people down-line that would have been touched by whatever God has called us to do. As you read this devotion today, hopefully it helps you. Well, if I was distracted and got all wrapped up in “my plans” instead of God’s plan, it would affect you. Somehow  God has linked us together for His Purpose. If I were to stop doing what I am called to do then it affects others. Not because I am so great, but because God’s plan is so great. Likewise, whenever you get distracted from God’s plan, it will affect those people God has linked to your life.

It is vital that ALL OF US fulfill God’s amazing plan for our lives. And how do we “do what we cannot do?” Simple. “Since we are surrounded by so many examples of faith, we must get rid of everything that slows us down, especially sin that distracts us. We must run the race that lies ahead of us and never give up. We must focus on Jesus, the source and goal of our faith. He saw the joy ahead of him, so he endured death on the cross and ignored the disgrace it brought him. Then he received the highest position in heaven, the one next to the throne of God. Think about Jesus, who endured opposition from sinners, so that you don’t become tired and give up. (Hebrews 12:1-3 GW)

All we need to do is focus on Jesus. Focus on KNOWING HIM. As you do, HE, along with our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit, will see to it that we fulfill all of His plan for our lives. It’s all about trust. And we trust those we hang out with the most. So, hang out with Jesus today, stay focused on Him, trust Him, and go out and change the world.

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In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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