POETRY With A Message…And Yes, I Wrote It

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. I wrote the poem below over 20 years ago. I have shared it with you before but happened to stumble upon it again today. Personally, it seems more relevant today than it was when I wrote it. As Christians, we often tend to focus on how blessed WE are. We major on what God has done for US, OUR needs, OUR blessings, and OUR dreams and callings. The problem with this is, “It’s NOT all about US!” Instead, it is supposed to be, “All about HIM, who is all about us…so WE can be all about OTHERS.” Another way to say it is, “It’s all about Him so we can BE HIM to others.” Let this poem inspire, motivate, and, propel you…to go into ALL the world and proclaim the good news of Jesus to all of creation. Mark 16:15 (Feel free to share this with others. For a PDF of the poem CLICK HERE.)

The Church Innumerable

“How many do you have?”
That’s the first thing they say
When you pastor a church
In America today.

It seems we’re successful
By how many we HOLD.
But if this is our theory,
Who will tell the untold?

If we get one to stay,
It is said, “We are growing!”
We thrive on our reaping,
But what about our sowing?

What the Lord really needs
Is more workers and sowers,
For He can’t reach the world
With only “church-goers.”

It’s time for the churches
To start a new trend.
Let’s measure success
By how many we SEND!

Let’s train up our people
So they become “world reachers.”
We’ll send them to nations
As missionaries and teachers.

They’ll begin to reach thousands
With the message they preach,
And the more that we send,
The more that we’ll reach.

“How many do you have?”
Someone now might say
“Our church is INNUMERABLE!
‘Cause we send them away.”

Written by: Kevin Kinchen – 1990

The Secret Place Revealed

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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4 thoughts on “POETRY With A Message…And Yes, I Wrote It

  1. This great and so wonderful. Be blessed pastor Kevin and Margie! We are praying for you as you reach out to unreached.

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