My Friends In Nigeria – Heroes Of Faith!

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. Lots of good things going on here at E-quip Central. (E-quip Central sounds cool, huh?) Today’s devotion will be a little bit different. I received an email this morning from my good friends in Jos, Nigeria; Tim and Kelly Malloy. I am always amazed at their faith and love for God, and also for their love for the Fulani people in Nigeria. Serving there since 2004, they deal with violence and riots between Muslims and Christians, gunfire, death, disease, curfews, weather, random electricity, and many other things. I really felt led of the Lord to send out Kelly’s email to all of you today. Please pray for them as she mentions in her email. I also added two videos so you can get to know them. I pray that ALL OF US will have a heart for missions and for winning the lost. Our time is limited on earth. Our time in Heaven is forever. Jesus makes the difference. Let’s do what we can to go or to send the message of Jesus around the globe. (If you are interested in supporting Tim and Kelly or E-quip, then email me at:

Here is Kelly’s Email I received today:

Dear Friends, we pray that you all had a beautiful Easter celebration with your families! Personally, I was reminded again that the nails did not hold Jesus to that cross, but his overwhelming love for me actually made Him want to die there. Praise the Lord that He rose!

This reminder, that our Father is in control of the details of this globe, could not come at a better time. As Nigeria struggles through the long-anticipated election month of April, it is very tempting to feel as though we are at the mercy of the election process, which is still in the early stages of what we might consider fair and democratic. The decision was made that the elections would take place over the span of three weekends, with local elections preceding the presidential, and the gubernatorial election bringing up the rear. Already each of the elections has been postponed for one reason or another, but the first two did finally take place and winners announced. Can I give you the facts in very general terms? Bear in mind that I am not a political guru, nor do I pretend to understand all of the complicated “ins and outs” of the system here. Nevertheless, generally speaking, it is really quite simple. Although there are political parties in Nigeria, the most important consideration for any candidate is his religion (rather than his views on foreign policy, education, the economy, etc.) Many people feel so strongly about maintaining a Christian/Islamic government in their region that they will enthusiastically, violently assert their will on their neighbors.

Many, many people were killed and even more were displaced when their homes were burned down following last weekend’s presidential election. (Goodluck Jonathan, the Christian incumbent, was re-elected.) On Monday afternoon, our family traveled with three other families to the capital city of Abuja for a few days of vacation, as the kids are on Spring Break. The three hour drive became a six hour escapade, as we were stopped at dozens of checkpoints, and finally found ourselves in the middle of a riot just outside of Abuja. Twice we turned back, as the multitude of cars spun 180 degrees to rush in the opposite direction of a violent mob. Finally, the military squashed the crowd, and we were able to pass through the highway, which was littered with rocks, glass, and burning tires.

The state where the majority of Tim’s Fulani ministry takes place was one of the hardest hit, as riots escalated on Wednesday night. Many of his Fulani friends were attacked, killed and injured. Today, he is traveling to several villages to offer help and comfort to those affected. Please pray for us and our Nigerian friends and neighbors tomorrow, as the election for governor is held. This is widely believed to be the most critical election, and the one that could cause the most upheaval. Our community has been praying fervently towards this election, that our state would remain calm – but we are also preparing for further crisis in an already fragile city. Please join us in prayer!

Finally, we are placing our trust in the Lord. For although it does feel like we are being tossed about by whatever wave sweeps across this land, we are sure that He is our anchor in this storm.

Much love, The Malloy’s – “The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17 NIV)

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In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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One thought on “My Friends In Nigeria – Heroes Of Faith!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! May the Lord continue to use Brother Tim and His family for the ministry He has called them into. I am praying for them

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