It’s Easier To Steer A Moving Car Than A Parked Car.

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. Over the last 26 years of ministry I have seen a principle of God at work over and over again. It’s really a principle of faith. Oftentimes the Lord has me in situations where I have no idea what I am doing…but I have one sentence of instruction from Him. The human mind wants to question, figure out, reason, or procrastinate until WE figure out ALL the details. These debates with God will sound like this: “But God, I don’t have the resources to do that.” Or maybe, “You are asking me to do this but all I have is this one little __________.” (Fill in the blank.) Sometimes we might say, “Well, when I get the money (or the resources, or the knowledge, or the help, etc.) THEN I will step out and do it.” Unfortunately, attitudes or actions such as this will turn into MISSED OPPORTUNITIES. Just because we don’t HAVE, SEE, OR KNOW ALL THE DETAILS IN FULL does not mean we should SIT instead of START.

It’s a fact, it is easier to steer a moving car than it is a parked car….right? Right. I have seen in my own life that as I “move” on the nugget of information God has given me for a project, He always “steers me” to all the details and provisions I need to finish the task. It’s really simple….HE speaks. We start. He steers. We follow. The key is this, once God speaks (or nudges, leads, reveals a Scripture, etc.) WE MUST MAKE THE NEXT MOVE. Moses had to “step out into the unknown” a kazillion times. Moses gave God the movement, the action, and God gave Moses the direction. The disciples had to gather the “few fish and few loaves of bread” before Jesus ever multiplied them to feed 5,000. No details or solutions were given, just a “What do we have among us?” Peter never took a course on “How to walk on water on a stormy day.” Nope, Jesus said, “Come” and Peter went…overboard. Other than Jesus, Peter is the only one we know of who knows what it feels like to have water lapping on the bottom of your toes as you walk on it. Over and over again we see this principle in the Bible.

As you watch the video below, ask yourself this question, “Am I waiting for everything to be perfect before I begin what the Lord has for me? Or, am I using what I have to ‘get this parked car rolling’ so HE can steer my every movement?” Only YOU know, and only YOU can put your car in drive and move forward. Enjoy this video!

Have a great day!

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In Him,
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One thought on “It’s Easier To Steer A Moving Car Than A Parked Car.

  1. Awesome video! Very inspriring. Probably time to start my vehicle, rather than just sitting in it listening to the music. Need to start driving and sing 😉

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