Does God’s Will Always Make Sense?

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. Margie and I go to clinic tomorrow for the quarterly reassessment concerning the ALS symptoms. Believe and pray with us for GOOD REPORTS, especially in the breathing tests, which have improved every time over the last two years. Praise the Lord! Also, pray that we have opportunities to minister to the other 30-40 patients who will be there too. OK, earlier this week I was talking to a friend of mine as he shared something he received from the Lord. It was so good that I asked him to write it out so I could share it with the E-quippers. So, with no further delay, I introduce to you…Jeff Dixon……

Does God’s will always follow the plan that makes the most sense?

Recently while studying Mark 10:46-52 (CLICK to read these verses.) in a small group, God spoke to me concerning a specific situation with a “caution.”  I felt like He was saying, “Listen for My will, because I WILL reveal it.” In verse 47 Bartimaeus was yelling out to the Son of David to have mercy on him and the crowd told him to be quiet.  Who are they to know God’s will, especially since God, in the form of man, was standing right there with them?  I am sure their intentions were pure and really focused on pleasing Jesus.  I am sure the crowd wanted to make sure the setting was perfect for Jesus to minister right there among them.  Sometimes, I think we assume to know God’s will even more than HE knows HIS OWN will! Circumstances appeared to be showing that God’s will was for Jesus to address the crowd.  By the words of the people it “appeared” that God’s will was for the beggar to quit disrupting what He was doing.

I believe there is great disruption coming to church in the form of God’s will.  We are set in our ways, our traditions, our styles, our carpet, our pews, our children’s ministries, our flags hung on the wall in our sanctuaries, our small groups, our alter calls, our 5 point sermons, our ways of collecting tithes and offerings, our clothes, etc. (I don’t see a problem with these mentioned items as long as they aren’t blinding us to what God wants to DO in our churches.) Our churches were never intended to be used to please our senses; they were intended to bring others together in the name of Jesus to worship His great and holy Name, and to see others come to know Him as Savior.  The path that Jesus has planned for us, along the way to His will, is often a disruption of “our” ways and an alignment with and to HIS ways.

What is so cool about verse 49 is that Jesus included the crowd in His plan.  We don’t need to be left out of what God is doing…we just need to listen to him.  Jesus spoke to the crowd and said, “Call him!”  God’s plan is to use US in very specific ways, and He will give us clear direction! Jesus is saying to us today that He is going to do something different.  Don’t get caught in the way things appear that they need to be done; respond to the voice of Jesus.  His way won’t always look like the way it “should” be, but when you respond…BLIND EYES WILL OPEN TO EXPERIENCE THE SAVING NATURE AND GRACE OF JESUS CHRIST!!!

We are so comfortable in our churches with the way things are happening; but are we seeing blind eyes opened? I mean, are we seeing a huge move of the lost to become found by a working living relationship with Jesus Christ? Listen and respond to Jesus, and be willing to do things differently. Step away from the status quo and yesterday’s way of doing things, and watch what HE WILL DO!

Woo Hoo…GOOD STUFF Jeff!!! Post your comments below! Thanks for praying for us about tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Does God’s Will Always Make Sense?

  1. I LOVE that!!! Going with the flow of what God is doing in our midst. We all want the glory of God to enter the sanctuary and we are praying and believing for His manifest presence and tangible liquid love to interrupt our meetings to open blind eyes (physically as well as spiritually). What do we picture that will look like when it happens?… because I believe it is about to happen. Do we have any pre-conceived notions about what it SHOULD look like or how we will accept a move of God when His glory begins to come in? What if it’s “messy” or looks completely different than what we expected? Like the crowd surrounding Bartimaeus, will we try to quiet the hungry, hurting, broken ones crying out to Him or will we release all control to His Presence and receive His peace to know that we can completely trust whatever the Holy Spirit chooses to do in that moment? He knows each heart better than we know ourselves and, to quote the end of Jeff’s devotional message, we all must “be willing to do things differently. Step away from the status quo and yesterday’s way of doing things, and watch what HE WILL DO!” AMEN!! Get ready, church!!!

  2. Awesome revealation!!! That’s so true! It is so often that we put God in box and limit what He can do because of our preconcieved notions. It’s time to allow Him to be God with No limits!!!

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