Patience Defined: Peace During The Process

Good morning and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. I am so thankful for all of you who have “made the change” to the blog format of this devotion. Feel free to post your comments about the messages I share and even post comments about the comments others make. Remember, what YOU SAY just might be what someone else needs to hear. Let your life and your light shine as we use this way of communication for the glory of God. The mechanics of this blog are incredible, but the MINISTRY of it are beyond incredible. Dive in and be a part! Thank all of you for praying, sharing, investing, and participating in the ministry of E-quip.

PATIENCE. Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit. (Gal. 5:22) Patience, the fruit, grows best when we are connected to the Vine, which is Jesus. Patience is a powerful force when applied liberally. Patience can be defined as…PEACE DURING THE PROCESS. It is also known as “longsuffering.” Suffering wouldn’t be so bad if it were not for the “long” part of it, amen? Amen. Nevertheless, some things just take TIME. Some things require waiting, in other words, they require patience.

I have found that God is NOT in a hurry…about anything. When Lazarus had died in John chapter 11, verse 6 says, “Yet, when Jesus heard that Lazarus was sick, He stayed where He was for two more days.” You would think Jesus would have RUN to Lazarus’ home due to the degree of urgency. But, what did He do? Jesus hung out where He was at for TWO MORE DAYS! You see, He already KNEW the results that were about to manifest. Jesus knows NO BOUNDARIES when it comes to what HE can do. He knows no time restrictions due to the fact that He is timeless. He has always been around and He will always be around. Jesus trusted His Father and THAT is all He needed. We should follow His example.

In the parable of the 5 foolish virgins and the 5 wise virgins we learn something. It says, “The foolish bridesmaids took their lamps, but they didn’t take any extra oil. The wise bridesmaids, however, took along extra oil for their lamps.” (Matthew 25:3-4 GW) Why did the wise virgins take “extra oil” for their lamps? They KNEW the Groom. They KNEW He always has perfect timing, yet is never in a hurry. The foolish virgins didn’t KNOW Him in this way. They thought everything would come together NOW…not later. Folks, get some “extra oil.” There may be some “time” in between the promise and the provision. Be prepared for the necessity of patience. Remember, God has a plan and HIS timing is perfect; always!

What circumstances are YOU facing today? What has stolen YOUR peace? What has tried YOUR patience lately? No matter what you face, you can experience PEACE DURING THE PROCESS. Dig deep into that wellspring of life that lives inside of you. Tap into “the peace that passes our own understanding.” (Phil. 4:7) Let THAT kind of peace work a “patience” inside of you that will be visible on the outside. Get a hold of peace during the process. Let nothing shake you. After all, YOU are friends with the MAKER OF TIME!

In Him,

Pastor Kevin

2 thoughts on “Patience Defined: Peace During The Process

  1. WOW! I literally just had prayed for peace! You do always have the right message I need to hear. Thank you for being so connected to God and blessing us. I’ve been feeling discouraged and really needed to hear this message. Please pray for me.

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