An Update and an Urgent Prayer Request

Good evening to all you E-quippers! Margie and I just returned from Seattle, Washington. We preached seven services over the weekend with an amazing group of young people. We LOVE every one of YOU from True Living Church!!! God is on the move in Seattle!

I only have a moment but I wanted all of you to pray for an urgent request. As you know, I train leaders in the middle east. I received information just now that two of the main leaders are being “watched.” I cannot use names but God knows. This is very serious because they are part of a network of thousands of believers who must share the Gospel underground. As leaders, it is imperative that they are not caught by authorities. Please agree with us in prayer for their protection, their safety, and their continuing work. Pray for all the believers in the network as well.

I know these people personally and their level of commitment to the Lord is amazing. They are heroes I look up to and I am sure you would too if you knew them. Please pray for them with a fervency and faith. I will see them in several months and be able to verify the PROOF of our PRAYERS.

I will write a full devotion tomorrow. Thanks for praying!

In Him,

Pastor Kevin

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