From relationship to REALationship.

Good afternoon and welcome to The E-quip Devotion. Well, we have 4 of the TV messages recorded now. Click on the pictures below to see some of the action. We are moving full-speed ahead with our mission statement which is, “To preach, publish, and proclaim, the true Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, around the clock.” I travel to Seattle, Washington this weekend to preach to an awesome Vietnamese Church. Lots of services so please continue to pray for God to IMPACT every person with His life-changing anointing. We know He is soooooooooooo faithful! Thanks for your prayers!

OK, relax Kevin, relax....

Satellite TV broadcast.

That’s a good-looking set!

As I am preparing for this weekend I am studying about our “calling” which God has planned for each one of us. Technically, it’s not “our” calling but “His” calling FOR our life…THAT is what we want. Anyway, I was looking for something I said in the new book (Yes, it IS coming out soon, I promise. We are making an adjustment on the full-color photos and then we should be ready to print.) and read a few paragraphs. But, I just re-read my INTRODUCTION and it is really worth looking at. And no, I am not just doing this to get you to buy the book. It is not a marketing tactic. It’s my heart. Read it and apply it to your life. Who knows, maybe this short introduction will be enough to ignite your “relationship” with God into a “REALationship” with Him. I pray you enjoy it!

Whenever we experience something great, we tell other people. Whenever we experience something life-changing we tell everyone. Whenever we experience something great AND life-changing, AND we experience it over and over and over again, we write a book about it and hope everyone reads it. That’s why I am writing this book.

A good number of years ago I was a frustrated, confused, unfulfilled, and directionless person… all while being in full-time ministry! I had become a Christian through a miraculous series of events as a senior in high school and watched as God transformed my life in a very short period. I became sold out to do whatever God had planned for me and I didn’t care how He used me, as long as He used me. God was faithful and He was certainly working through me. Things changed though. After several years of ministry as a senior pastor, I found myself wanting to find my “niche” I was created to fulfill. It wasn’t enough to be “busy” for God. I had to know why I was created and what I was put on the earth to do… specifically.

After years of struggles, disappointments, dead-end pursuits, and detours, I found what I had needed all along. You see, what started out as a great relationship with God had turned into a working relationship with God. My passion to know the Lord had somehow turned into a passion to do things for Him. Wow, did I ever make a crazy mess out of everything.

Thankfully, God had many divine appointments, revelations, and people that would work their way into my life to help me get things back in order. I found my first love again, and the REALationship He desired for me. I found the Secret Place; that place where we get alone with the One who created us. It’s in the Secret Place where we can find anything and everything we will ever need or desire. It’s where we get close to God and begin to see what He has for us instead of what we have for ourselves.

That is what this book is all about. It’s about the created learning how to get alone with the Creator. It reveals the difference between knowing God and knowing “about” Him. I wrote this book based on Scripture and on what I have experienced over almost three decades. My time in the Secret Place is something I have tested, proven, lived, and developed in and through my life. After twenty-six years of ministry, I have seen others embrace it and experience results in their own lives as well.

While in Romania in 2009, my wife and I met a college student named Alexandra. I spoke at her church’s Sunday service and also to their college group. When I spoke to the students, I shared a quick version of what getting alone with God has done in my life. I also shared about the Secret Place. The whole message was maybe fifteen to twenty minutes long. A seed had been planted. I received a letter recently from Alexandra that shows what God can do with only a little seed of His Word. Here is Alexandra’s letter.

Dearest Kevin,
I thank the Lord for the awesome breakthrough I had in my heart, this year… He said: learn to be still and you will know that I am your Lord… I did practice that… till one day He took me beyond the veil, in a secret place where I could call “my hiding place,” “my refuge” in times of trouble, a place where only worship and thanksgiving could come along with me, a place of healing and deliverance, a place where I become one in Him and He in me, a place where the bride meets the groom and touches the love, kindness and tenderness that He has for her, the Holy of Holies, His sanctuary inside me, … a place where He released the “joy of my salvation” to my heart and I will never be the same person, again.

I know Him personally now, and we are bound with intimate-cords that cannot be broken. Revealing that place inside of me… has brought inner transformation and will continue… from glory to glory… till the fullness of the Lord is being manifested in me, and through me to others.  Amen!

Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Pastor Kevin!

Wow! What an incredible testimony! If God will do that for Alexandra, then He will do it for you. I believe you are holding this book in your hand for a reason. It’s a divine appointment that is bigger than you or me. Get ready for “His sanctuary inside you” to totally transform your life.

My desire is for people to see Jesus inside of me. I want to be able to make the bold statement the apostle Paul made when he said, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1 New International Version). I believe the Secret Place creates such an atmosphere for this to happen.

I pray this book is a blessing to you. I also pray that the Holy Spirit will share life-changing truths with you as He has done for me. As you read, take the time, to make the time, to spend some time with God. Time is essential in any relationship, and it’s vital for a REALationship. As you will soon learn, this REALationship with God in the Secret Place will have extraordinary results in YOUR life and in the lives of everyone you meet or know. Make sure you read this book all the way to the end. And by all means, don’t let the Secret Place continue to be a secret… the Secret Place has been REVEALED!

4 thoughts on “From relationship to REALationship.

  1. Kevin,
    You are such an inspiration. I find myself eagerly anticipating the release of your book. I know it will be life changing! Thank you for your support, love, encouragement, and mentoring. I love you.


  2. Amen! I can not wait to read you book!
    I am going to California in May, so maybe you can ship it to my friends address there? Ja, I need to ” know” Him that way!!

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